SMO Tinkerfest 2018

Build Your Music will be exhibing at the Science Museum of Oklahoma Tinkerfest, Saturday, August 29, 2018,  The event is open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and admission is free.  In addition to all the regular museum exhibits there will be guest tinkerers throughout the museum grounds, with hands-on demonstrations and activities.

According to the SMO Web-site:

Tinkerfest 2018 will include taking apart two entire cars, 3D prototyping, bicycle maintenance, cake and cupcake decorating, candle making, cardboard car building, carpentry, DJ/turntablist, dog house construction, Dremel pumpkin carving, driving robots, edible slime, taking apart electronics, fluid painting, foil sculpting, an instrument playground,  Lego Sumo, light painting, Morse code bracelets, origami, pancake art, planispheres, plastic fusion, theremins, resin casting, rocket launching, Rube Goldberg machines, snap circuits, shadow play, soldering, spinning fabrics and fibers, using math to make music, violin making, weaving, wind energy — and more!

This event was not originally in my plans, but while I was at Maker Faire Tulsa, I was invited by some of the SMO staff to be a guest exhibitor at Tinkerfest, and told that the event is expected to be at least double the size of the Maker Faire.  For Tinkerfest, I plan to exhibit:

  • The main Robotic Xylophone
  • The test board showing the parts inside
  • Laptop Computer and Monitor showing this website
  • A brand new hands-on “Arduino Music Lab” where visitors will be able to assemble a pre-programmed Arduino, Rotary Encoder, and LCD, and when they connect to an 8-note xylophone (with solenoids, motor driver board, etc.) it will play a few simple songs.  See the Music Lab tutorial for more on this.

If you are in the Oklahoma City area, come on out to Tinkerfest, September 29!

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