The Build Your Music Robotic Xylophone can be constructed with as little as $250 worth of parts, depending upon where you find them, and on what materials you might already have in stock.  All of the parts are found either on-line, or at big-box home improvement stores.  The parts needed to construct the xylophone are grouped into the following categories:

For all of these parts, I have made the best effort I can to provide links to where you can purchase them.  Obviously, all of these parts are provided by other people/companies, and I have no control over, nor can I be responsible for, the quality, reliability, delivery, etc., of any of them.  If you find that there are any of the parts you are not able to purchase via the links provided, please let me know via the Contact page.  If you know of different suppliers that are better (e.g. lower cost, shorter delivery, better quality, etc.) for purchasing any of these components, please also let me know, and I can update the website.