The second component driving the design of the robotic xylophone is the solenoid.  This could potentially be the most expensive part of the project, since we need 1 solenoid for every note.  I use the ZYE1-0530Z, a 12V 1A Open Frame Push-Pull solenoid.  This solenoid is commonly used in ATM’s, vending machines, and cash registers.  I have seen the price for this solenoid range anywhere from $2.40 to $10 a piece.  This part usually available on Amazon, E-Bay, NewEgg, and AliExpress.  I recommend that you do a Google Shopping search for “12V 1A Open Frame Push Pull Solenoid” and you will most likely find somewhere that is selling this part in the $2.50-$3.00 range.

12V turns out to be a good voltage to use for the solenoid becuase the same voltage can also be used to power the Arduino.

Note that the mounting holes on this solenoid require 3mm metric machine screws.

Assuming you are building the xylophone with the 25-note chromatic bell set, you will need to purchase 25 of these solenoids.  If you can find them in the $2.50-$3.00 range, you will be spending a total of $60-$75.


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