Electronic Components

This page shows the Parts List for version 2.1 of the robotic xylophone which uses an SD Card for the data storage.  Parts List for version 2.0, using SPI Flash, are here.

At the heart of the project, controlling the robotic xylophone is an Arduino Uno.  Actually, the project needs 5 Arduino Uno’s, as explained in the Motor Driver Tutorial.  But if you use the generic / knock-off versions (which in my experience have worked just fine), you can find them for as little as $3 each.

Peripheral electronic devices are needed to support the various functions of the xylophone, including driving the solenoids, storing song data in memory, and a user interface allowing one to select a song from a list.    Most of the electronic components I prefer to purchase on AliExpress.com because that’s where I have found them for the lowest cost.  The downside is that the parts ship from China, so you may be waiting a month or more to get them.  But many of the parts are also offered with free shipping, even in small quantities.

The following electronic components are required to build the robotic xylophone:


Below are pictures of the electronic components you will need:

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