More Songs

In this section, I provide videos of the Build Your Music robotic xylophone playing songs from various genres.  Everyone has different preferences in what type of music they like to listen to.  My goal here is to provide a sampling of music of different styles, so that you, the reader, can see that no matter what your preference of music, you can make the robotic xylophone play songs that you like.

Videos of songs played on the xylophone are divided into the following categories:

PopClassicalTV and Movie



For all categories, the songs that I have selected are in no way representative of that genre as a whole.  Rather, the songs shown are simply ones that I could find the MIDI file for, and which I felt were still recognizable when played on the xylophone.

Some websites that I have used to download the MIDI files are:, Classical Paino Midi Page, and Disklavier World.

Note on Copyrights:  All of the songs you see here belong to their respective copyright holders (with the exception of music for which the copyright has expired.)  However, the Fair Use Doctrine of copyright law permits a limited use of copyrighted material, without permission of the copyright owner, with consideration to the following:

  1. Purpose of the use – commerical vs. private
  2. Nature of the work
  3. Amount and substance of the portion used compared with the original work as a whole
  4. Effect of the use on the value of the original

Common applications of the Fair Use Doctrine are critical reviews and parodies.  My understanding is that these videos of the xylophone playing contemporary songs are covered by the Fair Use Doctrine because there is no commercial purpose, only a part of the original song is used, and no one would regularly listen to the robotic xylophone instead of buying the original.  Nevertheless, if you are the copyright holder of any song shown here, and you do not want your song used on this website, please notify me via the Contact page, and the disputed video(es) will be removed promptly.